Thursday, September 27, 2012

Results date for TRPS Batch II Program entrance examination held on 23rd of September 2012

Dear Candidates,
Results for the TRPS Batch II Program Entrance examination held on 23rd of September 2012, are like to be declared on 10th of October 2012.
All the candidates given examination are advised to check it at For further details.

What are the next steps to be followed after results? 

All the successful candidates of TRPS entrance examinations have to follow these steps after exams. 

  • Candidates may have to Register themselves for TRPS batch 2, for which the Registration and counselling will start from 15th October.
  • After the successful registration and counselling, candidates will be provided study materials.
  • Once you have Registered yourself, and obtained study materials, you have to do self study for the course content provided in the study material.  The self study period will start from 16th to 31st October 2012.
  • After completion of self study, candidates will have to undergo a practical training of 11 days, for TRPS batch 2. Practical training has been divided into 2 batches by the conductive authorities, 
  • Training for Batch I will start from 1st to 16th November and
  • Batch II will start from 21st November to 3rd December 2012, 
  • for which the assessment exam will be hold on 17th November and 4th December 2012 Respectively for Both batches. 

After a successful completion of above steps, the candidate will be issued a Unique Identification Number, and certificate which will authorize a candidate as a certified TRP to work as a self employed. 

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